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Our goals

At Adventure center Nomad2000 we organize adventurous biking tours and bicycle trips across Slovenia. They are meant for smaller groups of up to 10 people.
When deciding upon different destinations we took into consideration, that the cycling holidays, bicycle trips and vacation avoid the city hustle and bustle and are perfect for those cycling enthusiasts that want to get away from the busy city centers and are ready to explore forest paths and country roads.

What do our tours look like?

Biking tours Slovenia are bicycle trips which are carried out with the help of a mobile unit which includes a driver and a guide. Tours take place at different locations and in order to avoid main roads and traffic, we usually drive from one location to the other, especially during tours that last more than one day.
All the bicycle tours also include tours of places that are of natural and cultural importance and tasting of genuine Slovenian food and drink.

Bicycling across Slovenia is an unforgettable experience

Slovenia is a land of endless forests, pure alpine rivers and lakes, a country of good food and drink and kind people. Slovenia is a small, colorful country, where you can bicycle from Alpine peaks to the Adriatic Sea in just one day. Countless mountain roads and paths will take you to the vicinity of Alpine peaks; from there you will ascend into the green valleys, through endless forests, among the vineyards and fruitful fields into small but kind Slovenian towns.
Bicycling through valleys of magical Slovenian rivers and lakes, that are just prefect for relaxation and cooling of in the hot summer days is nothing but pleasure. In the spring and fall we recommend you take part in tours that take you to the Slovenian Karst and Adriatic Sea, where the mild Mediterranean climate enables you to bicycle almost throughout the whole year. Bicycle path that take you past locations of natural, cultural and historical importance can be found in all parts of the country. Ekperience Biking tours Slovenia!

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